I love Him because He is my friend.

I think as a believer in Christ, I occasionally get asked by an unbeliever “Why I would worship a God who implements so many rules?” Well…because rules are meant to protect the innocent and I want protection.

I think rules are viewed as an oppression because we have seen them implemented in governments and jobs and even health insurance companies, in a way that hurts and doesn’t help. Rules are sometimes used as excuses not to have to do something or as a way of fencing you in. I view God’s rules differently.

It is a personal choice to serve God or not, and because of that, I decide whether I am willing to abide by those rules or not. When I make a decision to commit my life to God’s purposes, I also commit my life to doing that His way… by His guidelines and His manner. I chose to do things differently because I want to be an active participant in His plan reaping and sowing  for Him. I also don’t want to be destructive to the work I’m trying to accomplish. He implements rules to allow us to be a light. If His servants are no different than those who don’t serve Him, how would those who are looking for God, find Him? Also, if I’m trying to reap and sow for God, and my example trounces all over the new sprigs of interest and hope. It could irreparably crush the potential that was growing there.

If I’ve reached an area of my life that I decide to do this, it’s because I’ve realized that He has done something incredible for me, before I could even grasp it. Jesus gave up His life for me. He shared His Father’s will, and put His earthly thoughts and body aside.  In return, I want to give my life for His purpose. Not my will…but His. The very thing He did for me, was to protect me from myself. He opened the avenue to eternal life for me and all mankind. There was no greater safety, than to open up Heaven to all those who would truly love Him and wanted to be with Him.

I accept that in my humanness, I cause destruction. If I don’t abide by His laws and statutes, I react as the natural man with selfish emotion, vengeance, pride, blame,and entitlement. All of these things, cut connections amid people and hurt us in the long run.

When Mom say’s “Don’t touch the stove, it’s hot and you’ll get burned.” It’s because she loves you and doesn’t want you to get hurt and have to deal with the negative repercussions for your choice. I love my kids and want them to be safe and live a long time. I make rules so they don’t burn the house down, go Cain and Abel on each other, or fail to learn the things to prepare them for a successful adulthood. God is the same way. He tells us to ,”not touch the unclean thing.” That’s because it will have very negative repercussions in our life. Our Heavenly Father, loves as a father. He is protecting His children, and I choose to be one of them.  He is my friend. He is always there for me. He has never left me alone. I have seen Him work even the hardest things in my life, for good. He has saved me from myself, had my back, chastised me when needed, and He has comforted me when nothing and no one else could. He is my friend and I listen to Him because He is my friend.

Every good leader, has set an example for his people. Kings, Prime Minister’s President’s…good leaders set up structure that can be trusted, tested, and withstand a test of time. It’s to protect their kingdom. To allow their kingdom to grow and flourish in peace. God’s kingdom is exactly that. Meant to grow and live in peace. Selfishness, pride, revenge, blame, all of it can not exist within God’s kingdom. A kingdom divided against itself can not stand.

A kingdom of love, peace, charity, and rest is where I wanna be.



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