Preach Christ, and use words if you have to.

There was a minister in my church who coined this phrase, or at least he did to my knowledge. He said it in sermons, but he also lived it. Bill was an incredibly generous and thoughtful man. When I was a teenager, we lived far away from a church local. He always made it a point to come and see us. He would spend time just visiting and it was great. As an adult, I moved to Arizona where he and his wife lived. She is pretty awesome too. When my husband was out of a job for almost a year, he called and asked if my husband could help them move. My husband is a very hardworking man, and he is also a man of duty. He happily agreed. My husband worked loading up his UHaul. He worked all day and at the end of the day, Bill stopped my husband and handed him $300. My husband quickly refused, because he had agreed to help him because he was his friend and felt wrong to take any money from him. Bill insisted, and told my husband, “You have a family, you worked all day, and I needed the help. You will take this money.” My husband finally accepted when he realized not only that Bill wouldn’t relent, but that we really desperately needed the money. Bill had an uncanny ability to see a need and respond.

I really try to be this way, but I know I’m not quick or savvy enough to know how to respond sometimes. I try to help when I can, but so many times, I see how I could have done better in hind sight.

Funny story…When my husband and I got married, we were strapped for cash, and I mean strapped. We ate cottage cheese in tortillas one night because it was all we had left. Not a dish I would recommend my friends…gag. Anyway, I was at the grocery store one day and there was 2 very mentally ill homeless people. A man and a woman. He asked if I had any food, and I told them I’d bring them something when I came out. In my effort to get them food and not starve my husband and myself, I though I could get them spaghetti O’s and water bottles because they wouldn’t spoil. I paid for the food and when I gave it to them in the parking lot, these 2 mentally ill people look at me like the idiot I was. How would they open those cans without a CAN OPENER? Duh Amy! You dork! Why didn’t you think of the can opener? I fear some of my attempts fair this same way. I see a need and think I helped, but the one thing the person really needed, I may have missed.

God helps perfectly, in perfect time, with the perfect kind of healing of whatever ill or situation needs to be tended to, and He does it for bazillions of people over thousands of years. How? I don’t pretend to know the depth and scope of that. It just astounds me. The need will not go unmet. It doesn’t always look like the way we picture, but it absolutely will be right, because He has in mind what our heart and soul needs most and even all of the hearts and souls of those around us and those connected to them. A web of perfection, spun by the creator of the Universe.

I really pray that I can help more perfectly. Help see the needs of those around me, that are not only the surface needs but the inner and deeper needs. Isn’t that what Christ does? He saw the deepest need of mankind and satisfied it with the laying down of his own wishes, desires, and even fears and He laid down His life for us. This is why we try to pick up this cross and follow Him daily. We want to reflect the love that Christ had for us that was so deep, that He died for us while some didn’t even love Him or care. When we care for the needs of others, we can finally teach them love, in a way that reflects Jesus’s love for them. We preach Christ, and use words if we have to.



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