Fluoroquinolone poster child

I figure if I am going to be on the internet in a cervical neck collar, I might as well show you the fun I had with it. When you have 6 weeks of not being able to do anything but let your spine heal…you get real bored and antsy. I thought it might be fun to do some side by sides. I did this in July of 2016 during my recovery from spinal fusion surgery. I just might have sent it as a thank you card to my surgeons office. I figured that if I saw the humor in it, they would probably see the humor in it as well. Thankfully they did and no one committed me to a mental institution.13668006_10207885191742498_2999902030882653262_o13909360_10207884596567619_5289724852172230771_o


My face has swirled the internet over the last 4 days, with nearly 7 million hits to my blog post about Fluoroquinolones, titled “This antibiotic will ruin you.” Found here https://mountainsandmustardseedssite.wordpress.com/2017/03/18/this-antibiotic-will-ruin-you/ . This is just unbelievable to me. You guys, I couldn’t have done this on purpose if I had tried. My best effort, would never have gotten this far. I have dreamed about the word getting out there, but I never thought I myself would get the chance to make a big enough impact. God did this. He has a purpose.

I have been answering thousands of emails and thousands of comments. I open each email and read it and I read every single comment. I desperately wish I could answer each one individually. It’s impossible. I went from being a mom and a wife, to being …I don’t even know what you call this? Haha! I have no idea what I’m doing. I have had a couple contacts from news channels who are interested in possible interviews and a radio channel contacted me today. They aren’t local, so I suppose we will see.

I have to tell you that the moment I found out that Snopes had gotten a hold of my article and deemed the information I shared as “True,”I pretty much did a crippled happy dance. Here it is if you didn’t get a chance to see it. http://www.snopes.com/fluoroquinolone-antibiotics-tendon-damage/ . The article…not the crippled happy dance Haha! I figure that even if no one believes my personal story, at least they can believe the links. I know there are just some that can’t be helped or who are purposely trying to make my article sound bogus, but the research, FDA warning, and scientific studies, seem to be enough for those who are open to checking it out for themselves. I get some real satisfaction in reposting the Snopes article repeatedly for the nay sayers.

Last night it hit me. I’ve been up late answering messages all week long. I was exhausted. I was overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with how many of us who have been hit by the Fluoroquinolone meteor, the volume of comments I will never be able to answer, the questions, and the trolls that seek to discourage, defame and discredit. I was feeling the burden of the volume that I feel on my shoulders. I got ready to go to church for our Wednesday night service and I was feeling heavy. I had been praying to God for help with this and help me in my human frailty. I walked into church and the opening song was the one I posted below. If Jesus Goes With Me. We began singing and the words gripped my heart. I started to feel this comfort flood me. God was talking and I was all ears. By the time the song ended, I was reminded of my most important purpose above all. To follow. Follow where God leads. If God is leading me to this, He will be leading me through this. Okay God. Here we go.

As I went to bed, I pulled up my Bible app reminder scripture and it was:

Galatians 6:10 As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.

Well okay. Let’s do good unto all men. Let’s keep spreading the word.

If Jesus Goes with me



21 thoughts on “Fluoroquinolone poster child

  1. Wow you are such an inspiring woman. You are wanting the surgeons to find humour your situation by the pictures you posted! You are not angry! You are at peace! I am so sorry for your circumstances and pray you will one day get your life back! I got involved in a company that is 100% pure, natural and healthy that is changing people’s lives every day in the health and wellness areas. It a ride of a life time that I never would have dreamt the life path I was on would have taken me in such a journey and it has only just begun. I can only imagine how bored you must get so if you want to check out my sites feel free. Maybe you might even want to join me in helping others as well! I love your strength and beauty keep it up❤ http://www.really101.valentusmovie.com

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  2. Thank you! For speaking out and spreading the word! I’m soooo proud of you and don’t really know you BUT I KNOW you are so strong and inspirational. I’ve tried very hard to change my attitude since reading your story and your photo just confirms to be that I need to enjoy each day to its fullest and not just hid in corner. You are in my prayers!

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  3. The pictures are hilarious! As a fellow fluoroquinolone victim I have to thank you again! I think we had 25 plus people sign up in our support group today alone! This had to be from your blog raising awareness.I pray the lord gives you the strength to keep up the good worh and to have healing you, me, and the tens of thousands of victims out there!

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  4. Thank you for staying strong and staying on this path. As a fellow floxie I can’t even begin to explain the happiness you have brought me and countless others by your viral story (not to mention the Snopes coverage). This is a moment so my have hoped, prayed and worked toward for a long time. Wishing you continued health and courage on your journey. We are behind you all the way. Please , if you need us we’re easy to find on Facebook. Several support groups. Wonderful people.

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  5. Thank you for being the face of all of us. I am so glad it’s on Snopes. Most don’t believe a drug could do this. I am a month into another torn achilles and it doesn’t seem to be healing this time. My aneurysm is at a 4.5, so it too will soon require surgery. I don’t want any more surgeries where I have to get more drugs. My body doesn’t detox them well and I am still trying to gain strength. I was diagnosed also this month with Lyme and am seeing alot of ties to these drugs. Right now, we are addressing the candida, but he said we would then need to start Antibiotic therapy and that just causes me great angst. He said we would treat my symptoms and pray for remission. But honestly, I don’t know what symptoms are Lyme and what are Floxed. Thank you for being a Trumpet for the Lord as well. HE IS victorious over all of this and so are we.

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  6. I sent you my story on this subject…Realizing that I left out many things. I read at least 200 responses reminding me of symptoms and learning my situation was not isolated. Very interesting. You should be on Dr. related T V shows! The Today Show…..The list should go on and on…..Just like the ailments of this drug has done to many all over the world!

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  7. Now I have to say this….I’m a VERY SPIRITUAL PERSON, but it sure sounds to me like a good case for a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT if you ask me. I can’t believe all of the people who have been effected so much and with life altering issues. Bless us all!


  8. Thank you for spreading the word! You’ve brought awareness to millions and now people are actually starting to believe us when we tell them what this class of antibiotics have done to us! Even the medical community will become more aware! While they can’t fix us, we still need them to patch us back together and most importantly, stop poisoning people!
    Bless you and I hope your current stay in the cone of shame will pass quickly! Great idea to amuse yourself and all of us with your pictures!

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  9. So glad you are getting attention brought to this issue. Praying for God to sustain you through it all. I love your sense of humor! This is the first blog about being floxxed I have followed. Too much of what I found out there is so discouraging, but your is encouraging. You have blessed me.
    You are doing good work!
    Pulling for you.

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  10. Your article was a blessing!

    Thanking God I took only 3 tablets & my daughter said “your back hurts? STOP taking!”

    I was dismissing it-“another side effect of post cancer med letrozole/femara” most pain hit bones. Nope. You remain in my prayers fir continued healing. No need to reply. Helen Trammell

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  11. Yes, there is definitely a higher power’s hand in this because we are many and yet no one listened to us. Now everyone is listening. No telling how or why your message caught on but we are thankful at least your voice is getting through. So far we have been ignored, now maybe the world will listen and take steps to prevent this devestation. Thank you for speaking up.

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  12. God bless you and your family. Would someone please write the name of drugs that are in the Fluoroguinolone antibotic group….please. and Thank you.


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