I believe in science.

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We know about atoms and molecules, positive and negative electricity, outer space, and our own planet. What we cannot prove, is exactly the mechanism by which all of it came together. There are theories, ideas, and evidences, but each person puts their faith in one of those theories to support the beliefs they want to hold. 

My kids have the coolest friends. I love them like my own kids. I relish the times they sit in my house and we have conversations about life. Last weekend my daughter’s friend spent the night and we had a conversation about sharing our faith. It got my brain churning.  Several days later I had another conversation with another one of her friends about how incredible Science is. The thing that constantly floors me, is the idea that we have to pick between believing in science or in God. I believe in both, and I believe that without God, there would be no science. He is the creator of each atom and molecule, and His power the way by which it all works together in such a perfect cycle. 

Belief is such an amazing thing. If you think about it, we naturally believe in a ton of things that we cannot see but see the evidence of. Gravity is not something we can see. We see the evidence of it’s existence but you cannot hold it in your hand. We have brains that essentially look like blobby grey fat swirls. From this organ comes, thought, personality, coordination, and imagination. We don’t understand how that all works, but we know that it does work and we see the evidence of when it doesn’t. We know the brain can be damaged and those functions can cease, but we can’t actually see why or how it works this way. We can’t see why certain electrical activity causes the brain to function, and even a seasoned brain surgeon will tell you that the brain is so complex, that we really only have the smallest understanding of it’s complexities. We believe in wind because we can feel it move against us and we can see how it affects all of what it touches. That is how I view my belief in God. I cannot prove Him to anyone else. I cannot touch Him with my hand or see Him in His true form. What I do see, is the evidence of His existence and His touch, and I only see that because I’ve chosen to put my faith there instead of in a different theory of how all of life came about. We each make a decision of where we want to put our faith and we support that decision with what we believe to be evidence. Even Atheists have faith. They just choose to put it in the belief that God is not real and the reason for this design. We cannot choose for anyone else, we can only share the reason why we choose to put our faith where we do. I cannot choose for my child, just as God cannot choose for us. Our freedom to choose is God given free will.

What is your personal reason for hope? What is your testimony? How has God touched you and worked in your life? Who is God to you? We share who God is by taking on His image and countenance to be a light to the world and by sharing what He has done for and within us. We share what we know to be the heart of God, through trying our best to become like Him and treating others the way He did. The more we share Him by serving others in the same manner as He did, the less we need to validate ourselves. A thing of beauty, is that we have an unshakable identity when we choose to put our faith, our action, and our worth in the faith we have in God. As a child of God, we are loved, precious, not alone, and we have a mission and a goal. Without this belief, I am left wondering why our lives matter and why life with suffering would be worth it to endure. Everything looks different from that perspective. It’s a perspective I’ve chosen against and instead I’ve embraced a belief that brings me reassurance and peace. Our value is already established by Him, and He felt we were worth dying for.

 There is nothing about the natural man, that would naturally do as Christ did. Our nature is to put ourselves first and others last. Our nature is to fight for power and not to strive to put on humility. Our nature is to oppose a higher power than us, not submit to it. Our nature is to hate those who are different than we are, not to love them that hurt us. God’s existence is embodied through the way His spirit can work in our own hearts to change us away from our very human nature. It is not natural to desire to fulfill any other will than our own, yet when God works within us and we see how good He really is and how much He loves us; we nurture a desire to leave our own will in His hands. Jesus proved God’s existence through His ability to work through Him. We also can only reflect the evidence of God, through His ability to work within and through us. We can only shine His light, if we are allowing him to flow through our mind, hearts, and actions. We are an extension of His hands on earth.

In conversation with those who have chosen to put their faith in other belief systems, I find a common denominator. It’s a reluctance to follow a creator who does not bend to fit our human desires. I usually hear statements that sound more detesting of a God who will not allow certain human tendencies to be indulged, and a very obvious obstinance to submit to the laws and statutes that have been set. Sadly, the perspective that a Father in Heaven loves us, is lost. There is a lack of understanding that loving Fathers warn against dangers and implement healthy structure and rules not to control us, but to protect us from ourselves. A Father warns not to touch a hot stove because we will be burned. A loving Heavenly Father does the same. Don’t touch this or you will be burned. 

The evidence that I see of God working within the mind and heart of other souls, is the greatest proof of God that I’ve witnessed. The ability of man to overcome our natural tendencies, is bleak. The ability to overcome our natural tendencies with God’s help is promising, because we call and rely on a higher power for strength and encouragement. It also is incredible that God can use His spirit to communicate things to us that we cannot possibly know. It’s not coincidence to me and it’s not able to be explained by science either. 

A couple weeks ago, I missed a Wednesday night church service because well…my body is close to a human inhabitable tundra and I was just in pain. I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw a recipe and picture for no bake cookies. My grandma used to make these for us growing up and I loved them. I hadn’t seen or thought about those cookies in years. I looked at those, paused scrolling and thought, Man! I sure wish I had some of those right now. Not 5 minutes later, church wrapped up and my kids along with one of my daughter’s best friends, walked in the door. We live next door to our church building so sometimes the kids drop by after church to say hi to me if I couldn’t make it. Brooke walked over to me and handed me a tupperware container. She said, “I made these for you.” I looked inside and immediately teared up. There sat 5 perfectly scrumptious no bake cookies. I knew immediately this was no coincidence. It felt like God saying to me, I know your needs and desires, and I will always feed you what you need. Some could say that was a coincidence but I choose to believe it was a divine coordination of actions that ultimately portrayed to me that God loved me. His spirit nudged Brooke before the desire ever arose in me, and He prompted Her to do something she could have otherwise never thought of or known would mean so much. It reassured Brooke that God was using her for His purposes too. God uses us to communicate things to each other all of the time and I think that is something that science cannot explain without an all knowing, wise, and loving God who is coordinating all of the complex cosmic, spiritual, and human design. I do believe in science, but I believe God created and designed all of it to work perfectly for a purpose. This is the reason I believe that God can take control of every messed up cell within my body and set it right, if it is in my best spiritual interest and according to the divine design He has for my life. It is all in His hands and He can take control of this science. It’s not impossible because He created it and can correct it. It is best laid in His hands because I do not have His divine wisdom or the ability to see the ripple effect that it would have. 

I hope and pray that you feel God’s incredible influence and reassurance on your life today, and that He communicates to you in a way that you recognize is with an unfathomable amount love for you. Huge hugs my friends!!!



2 thoughts on “I believe in science.

  1. You completely had me at the story of the cookies! Through different circumstances of course, God has done things like that for me, many times! It’s always made me think, well that wasn’t a NEED, but rather a desire of my heart. But that doesn’t stop my ABBA from giving me certain things!
    He is SO good to us and constantly proves to us His unconditional love to us as our Father. Thank You God for being my Daddy and caring about everything in my life, even if it is something small! And thank you Amy for sharing this event from your life………..GOD LOVES US!!


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