Under His wings.

  Anyone else hate the daunting weight of perseverance? The idea of it is great, but the implementation of it frankly stinks. The embodiment of determination in spite of weariness. Perseverance is making the decision to keep going when all you want to do is quit. There is something very hard to comprehend when going … More Under His wings.

End Game

Sometimes I don’t understand God’s plan. Sometimes I am completely confused at what direction God wants me to take.  I feel fairly powerless in a good portion of the struggles I’ve been fighting, and it’s been stressful. In spite of these things, God has a plan. The Apostle Peter didn’t always understand the plan. Maybe … More End Game

Fluoroquinolone Friday!!!

Welcome to Fluoroquinolone Friday! Have you been prescribed a Fluoroquinolone antibiotic? Did you know Fluoroquinolone Associated Disability is now a recognized condition? Symptoms can begin while taking the antibiotic or show up months after the antibiotic has been stopped.  Fluoroquinolones are antibiotics such as: Brand Name Active Ingredient    Avelox moxifloxacin+ Baxdela delafloxacin     Cipro ciprofloxacin+ Cipro … More Fluoroquinolone Friday!!!

Open House

I was walking through my house today, listening to the sounds of 8 teenagers hanging out and laughing. Some were listening to music, one looking up scripture, and the others were comfortably stewn about the furniture. This is the scene most Sunday afternoons. I have the great blessing of living next to my church. It’s … More Open House

Me too

  The other night, I couldn’t contain my thoughts. I needed a sounding board. My  husband was the recipient. Worries started pouring out. Tears, and confessions of being exhausted, in more pain than what I want to accept on a daily basis, and the venting of frustration at accepting this harsh reality residing in my brain. … More Me too