Blessed by The Best

I was listening to a friend of mine talk yesterday. She was talking about a great burden she carries in her life. It had brought her down and through some very dark times. This burden couldn’t be remedied by any power within her. She had talked to a counselor about the difficulty and he asked … More Blessed by The Best

Alice in Worryland

I have a, “What if,” rabbit hole that I fall into sometimes. I fall down that rabbit hole when I start worrying about things I can’t control but for some reason can’t let go of.  I feel like most days I feel peace, but inevitably a day sneaks up on me when all the worries … More Alice in Worryland

Oh manna!

I am watching this flooding in Houston and my heart is just overwhelmed and breaking for these people. I feel quite powerless to help them. Their needs are so immediate and basic and yet I don’t know what to do that would help them immediately, except to pray. I wish that being a “good person,” … More Oh manna!

Tunnel vision

I am having trouble writing this. Putting something in writing makes it official. I don’t want this to be official. Some of you know about this if you’ve read my book. One of the surgeries I have had, was due to a spinal birth defect that was brought to the surface from my Fluoroquinolone antibiotic … More Tunnel vision

Eyes on Jesus

I could tell you about roughly 487 weaknesses I have, but my self esteem would deflate to a raisin and I wouldn’t be able to finish this post. I do need to hone in on just one of them tonight. I was reminded of it because I recently taught my favorite story during Bible school … More Eyes on Jesus