Emmanuel, God with us.

Easter is this weekend, and I promise you that the temples will still be full. Inanimate temples made with the hands of man, may stand empty, but the living temples of our souls will be full.   Acts 17:24-28 24. God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of … More Emmanuel, God with us.

End Game

Sometimes I don’t understand God’s plan. Sometimes I am completely confused at what direction God wants me to take.  I feel fairly powerless in a good portion of the struggles I’ve been fighting, and it’s been stressful. In spite of these things, God has a plan. The Apostle Peter didn’t always understand the plan. Maybe … More End Game

Fly Like An Eagle

God’s “will,” sounds so much more graceful, when it looks and feels like success and rest. In my own life, I find it often looks drastically different. So many times my heart dreams of big things and great triumph, but the reality is that we have to fight to grow. We have to face hardship … More Fly Like An Eagle