He did it first.

  I ran myself ragged the last few weeks. We’ve had a lot going on, as I’m sure most of you do. We’ve had family in from out of town, which was wonderful, but my body needs recoup time from being out and about, and I didn’t allow myself time to recover. My time with … More He did it first.

Soul Alterations

  I was thinking about a specific Bible story I really have never liked. I have always cringed when I’ve thought about the story of Abraham and Isaac. I mean, I’ll be honest, one of my least favorite stories probably ever. I just couldn’t see why God would tell Abraham to sacrifice his son at … More Soul Alterations


I am a thief. I am a murderer. I am a harlot. I am a bigot. I am a hypocrite. I am an adulterer. I am a gossip. I am a liar. I am a predator. I am selfish. I am a cheater. I am an accuser. I am wretched.  I am filthy. I am … More Pardoned