Mayday!!!! Mayday!!!

Need rescue! Under heavy fire from the enemy! Some casualties! Need assistance immediately! I’m sending up prayers like flares into the heavens. If there is no help; there are no survivors. I have more than I can handle. This handicap situation is no joke. I don’t buy anything on the bottom 2 shelves of the … More Mayday!!!! Mayday!!!


I recently received a comment from someone feeling absolutely spiritually exhausted. I read their thoughts and it brought hot stinging tears to my eyes and it made my heart hurt. I think what surprised me the most was a comment asking, “How do you stay positive? Praising God seems to come naturally for you, why … More Lighthouse

Battle Scars

With every decision me make, we choose to be a victim or a conqueror of our circumstances. We have to make a choice. I am willing to bet that every one of you reading this, has had at least one horrible horrendous thing happen to you. Either by accident or at the hands of someone … More Battle Scars