Fly Like An Eagle

God’s “will,” sounds so much more graceful, when it looks and feels like success and rest. In my own life, I find it often looks drastically different. So many times my heart dreams of big things and great triumph, but the reality is that we have to fight to grow. We have to face hardship … More Fly Like An Eagle


I recently received a comment from someone feeling absolutely spiritually exhausted. I read their thoughts and it brought hot stinging tears to my eyes and it made my heart hurt. I think what surprised me the most was a comment asking, “How do you stay positive? Praising God seems to come naturally for you, why … More Lighthouse

I Hear Nineveh is Beautiful This Time of Year…

Somewhere around my 11th or 12th surgery, my husband crushed me.  We’d experienced defeat repeatedly. Every time I underwent surgery or treatment to reconstruct a major injury from the Cipro damage, another body part would fail shortly after. Over and over, blow after blow. We were losing this fight. We kept hoping that I’d heal … More I Hear Nineveh is Beautiful This Time of Year…

Life Blood

Well a lot has happened since I talked to you guys last. I did have my lumbar spinal fusion on the 30th of November. It went well. They found some weird stuff going on in my spine. The longitudinal ligament that runs up and down over the discs, had apparently turned into the consistency of … More Life Blood